Gongyi city blue sky machinery factoryHenan largeThe charcoal machineManufacturers,Supply all kinds of mechanism of charcoal machine equipments、The dryer equipment、Crusher equipment、The great machine equipment、Coking furnace equipment and so on related mechanism charcoal machine form a complete set of equipment,And provide a professional charcoal machine price、The production process、Equipment installation and debugging、After-sales service one-stop service, etc。
  Gongyi city blue sky machinery factory is the production of charcoal machine equipment specialized factory,Our main production and sales of rice husk charcoal machine,Coconut shell charcoal machine,Charcoal powder charcoal machine,Sawdust charcoal machine,Palm shell charcoal machine, and other coking equipment,Over the years,Our factory always strives for the survival by the quality,With science and technology for development,Take the market as the guidance,By the good faith as a fundamental。Product quality is the lifeline of our factory,I plant products in the domestic industry has passedISO9001The international quality management system certification、FranceBVQuality certification、GermanyTUVSafety certification。And has been approved to export advanced enterprises,Top ten business operators,So far,Our factory has won eight patents of utility model。
  The blue sky machinery factory in line with development、Innovation、Be honest、And trustworthy business philosophy,To the quality、Service、Credibility for the purpose,For the majority of customers with excellent products,Satisfactory services。Over the years,With advanced product performance,Perfect quality assurance and after-sales service,By the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise。Products not only in the domestic market sales volume increased year by year,But also exported to Russia、Mongolia、North Korea and other countries and regions。
  Warmly welcome the support and expectations of customers,We firmly believe that science and technology to create brand,Good faith castmagnificently。
  Respect for customers,Understanding the customer,Continuously provide exceed customer expectations of products and services,Do customers forever partners。This is our has always insisted on and advocated by the service concept。
1、At every step,First think of the customers,After the enterprise by the seller market into buyer's market,Consumer's consumption concept changes。In the face of many commodities(Or services),Consumers are more willing to accept good quality goods(Or services)。The immanent quality of here refers to not only the quality of the product,Also includes the packaging quality of the product、A series of factors such as service quality,Must therefore be better to meet the needs of the consumers。
2、Should stand in the customer(Or consumers)Position,Research rather than standing on the ground of the manufacturer、Design and improve the service。
3、Perfect service system,Strengthen the pre-sale、Sale、After-sales service,To customers in the use of goods in a timely manner to help solve various problems。
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Gongyi city machinery factory over the years has been committed to the blue skyThe charcoal machineThe research and development and manufacturing,Welcome customers to visit