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2010 The first GuMing milk tea stores opened 2011 The first1Home cooperation opened【GuMing began to chain operation mode】 After a year and a half of rectification and flavors of breakthrough,The first GuMing milk tea franchisees to upgrade2Generation to generation,Constructions out breakthrough single day1000A cup 2012 It happened27Stores,Start out of taizhou facing the whole country The second reform,Upgrade the third generation。Constructions out breakthrough single day1500A cup 2013 It happened59Stores,Radiation in zhejiang province、Fujian、Jiangsu、Henan and other places It happened100Stores,How many are popular with our operators GuMing league 2015 It happened300Many stores,Constructions out breakthrough single day2100A cup 2016 Stores across the country700Home 2017 Stores across the country1000Home! 2018 Stores across the country1700Home! 2019 Stores across the country2000Home!

How much GuMing milk tea league
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How much GuMing milk tea league
How much GuMing milk tea leagueHow much GuMing milk tea league
How much GuMing milk tea leagueHow much GuMing milk tea league

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GuMing tea have professional beverage r&d team、Complete supply chain system and qc system every day1A cup,Drink is not greasy。

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Huzhou GuMing milk tea tea how to join us

2019-07-24 11:39:12

As long as the hot sun to our faces,We will feel restless,This time we need is just a little...

The fire through the network of network black tea:GuMing milk tea

2019-07-24 11:38:56

GuMing milk tea tea drink what is the advantage?Drinks is very profitable projects,But only drink shop there will always be disgusted with consumers...

To get the chance of success:GuMing milk tea

2019-07-24 11:38:37

In recent years for milk tea in our community is present as a hot startup project,More and more people choose to join the industry...

Innovation will can go further——GuMing milk tea

2019-07-19 09:09:52

Due to the quality of life in today's people improve,Level of consumption is also growing in a straight line。In people's rest time,Everybody likes...

Northeast China is suitable for joining GuMing milk tea, please?

2019-07-19 09:09:33

Some developed city in the northeast of China,For example:Shenyang、Harbin、Changchun,Dalian and other cities,GuMing milk tea is not too much competition...

Second - and third-tier cities for napa stores open GuMing milk tea, please?

2019-07-19 09:09:02

GuMing milk tea since the brand was born,Through its distinctive brand features,By many consumers like it,Now a nationwide...

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